Richard VaughtonYes Consulting is at its heart a network of advisors, but there is not one business that does not use a product or service or some form of marketing or third party service. The industry is alive with new products and services and more arrive daily. It is hard to see the “wood for the trees” as the expression goes or sort the “wheat from the chaff”.

Through our network of advisors we will be adding products that our network has experience of and is happy to recommend. This is by no means a blanket recommendation, as what works for one host or manager may not work for another. However working in tandem with a network member will help to evaluate the potential and the fit for your business.

We do make exceptions for some of the directories as the global acceptance of some products and services is supported by many years of proven trading, international standards or Govt. advice. These products will be listed accordingly.

Please note that there are several directory categories and filters that are available. We will determine, into which category each product or service is placed.  The directory category section explanation can be found here.

Applying for a directory listing