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Louise Brace
Detailed Information

Louise is a well known digital marketer and copywriter in the vacation rental sector, and owner of Rental Tonic, an agency dedicated to the short-stay sector.

Louise has been working in the industry for 10 years and as a marketer for over two decades. She had a love for travel and discovery, and moved to Andalucía, Spain from her native London 18 years ago.

Louise started out in the short term stay industry, as a travel blogger for a European city break company; writing about all of the incredible things a guest can enjoy when they visit a destination. After which she became the editor for a niche Spanish OTA, developing content to support owners in marketing and managing their properties more effectively.

Today Louise helps owners and property managers create memorable rental brands that blossom into successful, independent short-term rental and accommodation businesses.

Developing your brand values is Louise’s expertise.  Nailing your ideal guest persona’s and niche markets, turning your focus from the mundane ‘how’s’ and ‘what’s’, to the ‘why’s’: why do people need your business in their life? Why should your ideal guest choose you over the competition?

Louise will create your brand story. Copywriting all of your marketing materials and messaging, such as your website, OTA descriptions, blogs, social media posts, and brochures. And together, with some amazing industry collaborators from Yes Consulting, I can help you build those channels too!