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Digital Guest books makes it easier to communicate with your guests both before, during and after their stay. The result is an even better guest experience and a market that continues to grow rapidly. Touch Stay, the product shown below is one of the more promising tools.

The Digital Guest Welcome Book

Empower your guests. Stop the questions. Create a more efficient you.

When you commit to giving your guests easy-to-find answers to everything they need to know (before and during their stay), three things happen…

  1. You become more efficient

Do you answer the same questions over and over? Save your time (or your team’s) by directing guests to the home’s guidebook.

  1. Your guest takes control

It’s frustrating for a guest to have to email/SMS/call for info (or to wade through binders & attachments). Give them back control.

  1. Future guests read rave reviews

We aren’t responsible for your 5-star reviews. But we are part of your arsenal. And guests do rave about Touch Stay!

All your content is stored in one single online location. Our mobile web app packages that content in an easy and beautiful form. You then share your guest welcome book by sending guests a link (no signup or app to download!)

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