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New York, United States
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Extracted from Skift site:

We launched in August 2012, with the big ambition of becoming the daily homepage of the global travel industry. Our underlying premise was to be fanatically focused on documenting and helping the travel industry understand the changing traveler behavior. From the two founders who launched the company out of their bedrooms to now 41 people on the Skift team in a light-filled New York City office, we have grown into the biggest business intelligence brand in travel.

We raised about $2.5 million from marquee seed investors and venture groups, and three years later we are a multi-product, multi-platform, profitable and fast growing company.

Skift deciphers and defines trends for global CEOs and CMOs across travel, dining, and wellness sectors through a combination of news, research, conferences, and marketing services. Our Core Values:

  1. Always come up with new ways & perspectives of looking at the world
  2. Humane, always default to making professional + personal lives of our team better
  3. Diverse, in all its glorious manifestations: we want to look like the world of travelers
  4. Accessible, as a culture to our team and as a brand to outsiders
  5. Always, always doing our own thing, without fear
  6. Fuck it, let’s do it