Is it all going according to plan or do you have one?

IdeasYes Consulting has so much expertise within the group and connections to hundreds more who have a wealth of expertise and contacts. Avoiding the pitfalls and the pain, opening doors and connecting smart people who can shortcut success are just part of the benefits.

So many people dream of that one life changing moment, that idea, that breakthrough, the Eureka moment. Television programs such as Dragons Den, leverage this fascination with entrepreneurs, their ideas and aspirations. Behind the scenes however, as the quote says, its 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. The 1% is very important but also belies the determination and innovation to succeed.

Others who read this may be funding an idea or product development and want an independent eye cast over the project. Many ideas and products in the sector have failed over the years through lack of insight and market changes. Looking at a project through a different and experienced lens may give alternative views to both founders and investors and save time and money/

The global pace of change will affect the vacation rental sector too in many as yet unseen ways. We are not just talking about smart locks or big data, we will see virtual reality, AI, IOT, Augmented Reality, wearable technology and much more. Sometimes however the simplest ideas are the best and you may also have one of these you want to throw out there to have an independent opinion.

The form below is designed to let us know where you sit in the ideas department whether its just blue sky thinking, a marketable product or an existing investment.

Please note it is highly unlikely an NDA will be signed without first releasing sufficient information to warrant this. All information we receive is kept highly confidential however regardless.