Richard VaughtonVirtual Board meetings are on the rise and we can expect more. COVID-19 has changed the way many people have worked and we believe this trend will continue.

Some of our members have experience of running large organisations, being part of funded businesses, have been heavily involved in VC raises, crowdfunding or have started and sold businesses several times over.

These individuals lend credibility to Boards but also bring a wealth of experience to this industry as there are many proverbial rabbit holes or money sinks that can be encountered. Their judgement and governance can not only keep ships on an even keel but can help avoid the same mistakes we see again and again in this industry.

The added benefit of an industry sourced Board member is that they bring contacts that can add value to business expansion, opening doors that may otherwise be hard to prise open.

If you are looking for a non-exec with none of the recruitment fees we may be able to help!

Please use the form below if this is of interest to your company.