Barcelona Short Term Rentals
20 May 2024

Another successful show ~2024 There have been hundreds of posts, images, and videos about the Scale Barcelona show earlier this month, all of which are well worth the money. There have been so many praises and congratulations on the educational content. All are valid and illustrate the need for a…

15 January 2024

We cover the 2023 deals that have been made public and/or are of interest. There are considerably smaller deals across the globe, and through 2024, we will be bringing more local deals and opportunities, as witnessed on VRMX.io 1. Raus' Funding Boost for Expansion Germany's Raus, a cabin…

Veeve-Under-The Doormat
19 December 2023

INSIDE THE VEEVE-UNDERTHEDOORMAT MERGER: FUNDING, GROWTH TACTICS, AND WHAT’S NEXT - Written for RentalScaleup (owned by PriceLabs) The recent merging of Unique Ventures, trading as Veeve (originally Vive Unique) and UnderTheDoormat, both UK companies, may be a warning of more deals. The former company was founded in 2011, and the second…