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“Yes Consulting” is a network of industry consultants and experts that specialize in the short term rental industry, urban or the traditional vacation rental markets.

Our objective is to provide individuals or corporations with specialist advice from recognised experts in what is an increasingly complex industry.

A few companies our network have worked with

Our global network of independent consultants have a wide range of skills & experience

Business review

Hard decisions often need help

We review your business with fresh eyes & an objective approach, focusing on friction points; technical challenges and commercial or operational activities.

Planning & Budgeting

The devil is in the detail

Planning to grow organically or by acquisition or sell your business? From small concerns to large business, we're able to advise and connect you with the right people.

Technical challenges

Save money, save time

Confused or frustrated with technology? You are not alone. We are experts in building infrastructure & using technology. PMS systems, revenue, channel & inventory management, websites & payments.

Virtual Governance

Experienced Executives

In a world where Covid has changed the very nature of hospitality forever, our members are well positioned to play virtual non-executive and governance roles. With a rich history of board and trustee positions in both large companies and startups we know the challenges.
Web Review
The Big Picture

Taking a step back

It’s often good to walk away from the daily operational activities and reflect, analyse and think laterally. Looking at a business objectively and from a different perspective is always time well spent.

You may not be working efficiently, you may have staff issues, your technical challenges may be mounting, your margins could be decreasing year on year.

Working with one of our consultants or specialist on a particular challenge may well help to remove or ease many of these issues by the adoption of new policies, strategies or technical services.

Don't forget the 6 P's

Market research

Realistic forecasts

Smart growth

The 6 P’s are know as: Perfect Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Planning for the future is not an easy task particularly in the vacation rental industry. It’s hard to budget for the unexpected or make decisions on ambiguous information. Covid-19 has highlighted the fragility of this ecosystem, with most businesses now needing to plan for the future in a more robust manner or plan for the unexpected.

We have all witnessed managers and owners making expensive and sometimes disastrous decisions when launching businesses, adopting technology, recruiting staff, scaling with investment, or acquiring other businesses.

To avoid these issues, knowledge and experience from experts who have actually run sizeable companies, raised money, acquired or sold businesses themselves can see an ROI very quickly.  Helping avoid the pitfalls and shortcutting the routes to success is money well spent.


Overcome technical challenges

The lack of data standardisation. by software operators, online travel agents & third-party service providers make technical challenges appear almost insurmountable.

Our network of vacation rental consultants have faced many of the technical challenges the vacation rental industry throws up. You may want help with any number of issues, if so then lets have a chat. We can help with:

  • Channel/OTA integrations (how, who, why)
  • PMS systems (get it right on day one if possible)
  • Payment systems (merchants, PCI compliance etc)
  • Business intelligence (understand your business & how to grow)
  • Websites (building, connecting to data or acquiring new businesses)
  • Marketing (Direct, social, media and PR)
  • Owner or guest facing tools (improve the guest experience and more)
Technology & Code
Booking Technology

An experienced global STR network

Eric Mason
Founding Member

Eric Mason

Location: USA

Eric Mason has held leadership positions throughout the services and venture sectors and has successfully started, developed, grew and repositioned various organizations. An accomplished strategist, he understands consumers and market trends by conducting constant in-depth quantitative and qualitative research and turning that research into actionable strategies allowing companies to achieve and exceed desired growth goals while maintaining a high degree of internal cohesiveness.

Eric also bridges the divide between traditional industries and emerging industries one in which he was instrumental in facilitating, the shared accommodation industry known as the Vacation Rental or Hosted Accommodation industry.

Eric has led the development and growth of some of the industries leading technology and service platforms. He has developed distribution strategies for many large management companies, chains, and independent properties leveraging his thorough knowledge of industry channels and how they apply to different business conditions and strategies.

Eric led one of the largest studies ever conducted for the Vacation Rental industry while serving in his executive role with, which gave birth to the largest change in the lodging industry, the recognition of Vacation Rentals / Shared Accommodations as a primary lodging option for consumers.

Richard Vaughton
Founding Member

Richard Vaughton

Location: UK

Richard is based in the UK and has over 20 years of experience in the traditional vacation rental industry, establishing a private portfolio and also owned and managed rental companies with closing on one thousand properties, (“Discovery Holiday Homes”, “Lake Como Homes Ltd” and “The Preferred Apartment Company”) all of which have been successfully moved on. More recently throughout 2019, Richard has been contracted as VP to Stay Alfred to assist the development of the European portfolio of this fast-growing master lease urban market.

Also as a founder of Rentivo Group, a rental software company, the experience born from being in a pro-active managerial and ownership position has been vested in this software. Successful crowdfunding allowed Rentivo to expand and is now a well-recognised player in this business sector.

Richard is now acting as a consultant, trustee, advisor and non-exec in several sectors of the short term rental industry and public sector. Experience with on the ground managerial issues, the software challenges, plus successful company sales and acquisitions with crowdfunding and investments allows Richard to cover a broad spectrum of a company’s needs.

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