Choosing a PMS?

An 11-page advisory document on adopting a PMS.

The short-term rental industry has many market sectors. They are split primarily into RBO (Rent by Owner) and Agencies/Managers. The latter two terms are often misused or in the wrong context, but both increasingly require a PMS, and the purpose of this document covers both.

The notes below cover the significant portion of the market related to booking, distribution, property data, prices, financial reporting, the booking process and a limited amount of operational functionality and websites. The provision of PMS software is challenging when an existing business operates in a

Property Management System PMS. Vacation Rentals

This document is not intended to be 100% comprehensive as 1000 different PMS suppliers will all have some variation of software that faces the enumerable edge cases presented by the managers. The sections below are intended as an overall set of thought-provoking notes and a mind-nudging exercise covering the most common requests and expectations.