Damian Sheridan — SEO and Direct Booking Strategies

Damian Sheridan
Detailed Information

Damian Sheridan has been involved in the short-term rental industry since 2003 after purchasing his first rental property in Europe.

Damian heads a niche SEO (search engine optimisation) consultancy for vacation rental property management companies. We offer half-day tailored consultations and on-going SEO services.

Damian is also the founder of the Book Direct Show – the only short-term rental industry event focusing on strategies for property managers to generate more direct bookings.

The Book Direct Show

The Book Direct Show is a short-term rental industry conference taking place online in September 2020. The event is designed for accommodation managers seeking more direct bookings whilst reducing their reliance on large online travel agencies. The show follows the inaugural More Bookings Direct Conference which took place in London earlier in 2020.