Vacation Rental Growth Checklist

With so many things to consider. A 30-page guide.

This document is designed to help growing or aspirational management companies avoid the numerous pitfalls, organise their business in an orderly manner, de-risk, and, if required, be better positioned for investment or sale. This document covers 35 years of founding, building & selling businesses — the last 20 years specifically in vacation rentals. The guide has been downloaded over 500 times.

No one teaches Vacation Rentals (VR) at school, but there are now many courses and books on becoming a successful manager, many of which the current cohort will have heard of or read. Most of these managers will also agree that they have made many mistakes on the path to success.

The guide is split into several manageable sections, all with a specific focus.

Vacation Rental Growth Guide

This is not an instruction manual or a pathway to guaranteed success. It is purely an advisory document from someone who has made many mistakes. It now works with companies to avoid the bear traps, financial burdens, legal challenges and personal stresses.

This document was presented to an audience of several hundred in Mexico at “Exporv”, in late 2022 and has been downloaded hundreds of times.