Genkan — Australian based PMS and channel manager

Genkan PMS
Genkan PMS
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Edit: Genkan is a full service PMS born out of significant management experience and has grown into a large premium full scale system. Genkan is also a company that drives the correct booking strategies and understands all the moving parts and how to avoid and manage the pitfalls. A customer and business centric system. The CEO Glenn Smith often publishes online and drives the functionality and business direction.

Excerpt from the website: The overall goal in designing Genkan was to automate the entire process with the requirement for minimal staffing. The ability to operate a “virtual” office but also to develop a complete, “All In One” solution, from the nurturing of new clients to the encouragement of those clients back year and year again and including every part of the process in between. At this stage there was no intention for a commercial product and it was called internally a PMS long before there was any such product available.

The functionality and connections of the system are too numerous to account for here and would be best reviewed on their website.