Richard VaughtonIn a world where increasing expertise is needed in every quarter, there are few people who can be completely independent and is the reason Eric Mason and I considered that in such an expansive industry, it needs expansive and tailored expertise.

We are all learning all the time and with an avalanche of technology, fluid economics and changing markets it is hard to keep abreast of all that is needed to build or sustain a business. Specific help with topics such as social marketing, SEO, web building, revenue management, photography, design, insurance etc. can help shortcut many months of confusion and costs. On a more generic scale company reviews, financing, business mentoring is also supported by our network members where and when suitable.

WE LIKE TO SAY “YES” :- However if our advisory network cannot accommodate your request, we will know somebody who can help and be referred and if we can’t help we will be say so!


Yes Consulting is building a collective of experts and advisors for all these specific industry requirements. Whether you are an independent host or a managing agency on a growth curve or a company developing technology or new concepts in the rental sector, there is always someone to help you within a well developed network. This is our ultimate goal.

Our network has started with a collection of individuals that the founders know and have worked with and are confident in recommending. This does not mean that everyone agrees on the same strategies and approaches. Each market is different and never more so than in this sector, hence we are engaging and inviting network members across the planet for exactly that reason.


We are also creating a directory of products (see menu items) and services that our network members have used and recommend and maybe involved in.  We feel this approach is better than unidentified reviews on third party sites. With so many products vying for visibility and in such a fragmented environment with may differing business models plus increasing data requirements, the members are a good initial source of recommendations. Please be aware that some members products are services may also be in the directories. This will be noted on the appropriate product.

An explanation of the Directories can be found here.


Everyone within this network has an extensive history or rentals and a deep understanding of their markets and specialties and in particular their own countries. Some members have their own properties and work in the industry with their educational platforms and frequently present at conferences. Some members run very successful businesses or have grown and sold them on in recent years.

To become a network member, requires an invite from one of the members currently shown or will have run a rental business for several years at scale, present at conferences, be a senior member of a recognized rental organisation. The form below is used for applications.


Each member of the network works independently and bills according to their own best practices.  We will ask for references/reviews from a member’s clients on occasions.

APPLICATION  FORM (Please ensure that the network member name is included, we will ensure we speak with them)