With Covid crisis and the significant impact on a global workforce, the vacation rental industry has been hit harder than most.

With so many established companies struggling to survive and many startups now folding or shrinking, a central source for people to seek work and companies looking to employ makes so much sense. Welcome to VRInsider, it couldn’t have come at a better time! Also the model is based on an honour system of payment, not a large commission intermediary (sound familiar?).

Website Extract: Simple, industry participants ask us almost on a daily and weekly basis, “do you know of any great companies that are hiring?” And from companies, “do you know any great people that would be a good fit for our role?”. By developing Vacation Rental Professionals on Linkedin back in 2008, we’ve built the largest professionals forum in the world. We now want to use the network we developed to connect dots between interested employees and interested companies.